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I started Kerwin Pest Control after being in the industry for ten years. I worked for a great company that ended up selling to one of the big companies. They taught me how to do amazing pest service and how to treat customers and pest control techs. After they sold I decided that I would need to keep raising the standard of pest control service for the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. We are a locally owned company with a vision to create the best pest control company in the industry!


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We handle all of your everyday creepy crawlers, including ants, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, and more.


Scorpions are one of the most commonly faced challenges in the Clark County area. They are attracted to homes because of the abundant food supply created by food, water and shelter around homes. They can have a nasty sting and blend in very well with the environment. Kerwin Pest control has several different options to rid yourself of these nasty pests.


There are several species of cockroaches in our area. Some of them prefer the outside and others prefer indoor spaces close to food and water. Most cockroach populations require a specialized pest control service with several different measures needing to be taken. At Kerwin Pest Control, our pest professionals will not only handle your pest problem, but educate you on preventative measures to control these aggressive pests!


Ants are some of the most successful pests in the US and around the world. They are highly adapted to living in many different environments, including human inhabited environments. They can become highly invasive in your home or place of business. At Kerwin Pest Control we will protect your living and working spaces by placing barriers around these areas.We also have several strategies for controlling hard to eliminate ant infestations.


We have several species of spiders in our area, including some that are venomous. Spiders tend to be around more where there is other pest activity and where there are a lot of harborage areas for them to inhabit. At Kerwin Pest Control, our experts will help rid you of these pests as well as de-web areas where spiders like to reside. We also provide education for our customers on spider prevention.

Other Pests in our area

There are several other pests in our area not mentioned specifically here. If you are dealing with a pest issue and are unsure if we provide services for it, please give us a call. If we can’t help you we will refer you to other companies that may specialize in your specific issue. We are here to be a solution for your problem!

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