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From roaches to scorpions we remove them all. Offering reliable and affordable pest control service for the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

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We are a local company, employing amazing local people!

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We put your family’s safety first, and have experienced professionals to help you!

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Pest control For Your Home

At Kerwin Pest Control, we live where you do so we understand the pests that you are seeing in and around your home. We specialize in keeping poisonous and disease carrying pests away from your living spaces, while using products that have a minimal impact on the outside environment. We are educated in Integrated Pest Management, which means we take an inspection and prevention first perspective on pest control, and we use responsible practices to responsibly keep your home pest free! Click here for a free pest inspection and pest control estimate!

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Reliable and affordable service is our guarantee! Trust Kerwin Pest Control to protect your home or business from unwanted pests!

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